Board of Directors

Our 2017 Board of Directors

  • Danielle Senn, President
  • Rob Rader, Vice President
  • Robin Jordan, Treasure, Administrative Assistant
  • Jocelin Reynolds, Secretary
  • Vickie Parsons, PNP, Board Member
  • Dr. Robert Larson, Board Member
  • Micah Dorfner, Board Member
  • Matt Anthony, Board Member
  • Doug Lamoureux, Board Member
  • Sarah Caven, Board Memeber
  • Rene Maes, Jr., Executive Director

The general administration and management of CSLA, as well as a variety of youth development, parent development, and support activities, are directed by the Board of Directors and two staff members. Support and staff person is Robin Jordan and the Executive Director is Rene’ Maes Jr.