At Camp Sweet Life, we know that you have been the primary caregiver of your child’s diabetes care. Please know that it is normal to be nervous about sending your child to camp. Let your child know you are also excited about camp. You may want to send your child a message in their overnight bag to let him or her know that you know they will have fun and are excited for them to have fun at camp.

To help with their overnight experience, it may help to let your child stay overnight at a friend’s house. You can certainly send a favorite item from home such as a pillow or stuffed animal. You can also work on building their independence (if you haven’t already) by encouraging them to brush their teeth without prompting or assign household chores to build independence. If you have specific concerns about your child, feel free to contact the Camp Director via email at info@campsweetlife.org or 507.340.8751.

Camp Sweet Life was started in 2010 with the primary focus to connect kids with diabetes to other kids with diabetes in southern MN. We also encourage the camp experience at Needlepoint for kids that would like that opportunity also! Parents and persons with diabetes are the driving force for the decisions made to make Camp Sweet Life fun!

Who will supervise my child’s diabetes at camp?
A medical doctor, nurse practitioner and nurses trained in diabetes care will be overseeing your child’s diabetes and blood sugars. All small groups will have counselors that have diabetes themselves or have firsthand experience with diabetes.

What will my child learn at camp?

Each camper learns that they are not alone. Camp is focused on having fun and encouraging different levels of independence. That being said, being very active outside and playing hard often makes blood sugars fluctuate. Campers will learn about management of lows and highs within their small groups. They will have diabetes educators using informal and real life opportunities to help campers learn about their own self management. Their counselors will also role model checking.

How will my son/daughter know how much insulin to take at meals and snacks?
Meal time and snacks will have carbohydrate grams clearly marked. Within their groups each camper will work their counselor, diabetes educator and medical staff to determine their insulin dose. Current blood sugars will also be used to determine insulin doses. Meals Plans will be monitored by dieticians.

What if my child has never been away from home?
Counselors have been trained and Directors all have knowledge which assists kids with home sickness. This is not uncommon, but at the end of camp kids don’t want it to end!

How do I sign up for camp?
You can print off the medical form and registration from the website or if you have a paper form, you can mail the completed forms back to:

Camp Sweet Life Adventures, Inc.
10 Hanten Dr.
Mankato, Mn 56001

Will my child’s application automatically be accepted?
All forms will be reviewed by medical staff. Camp Sweet Life does not discriminate against age, sex, creed, religion or nationality. Once camp has reached full capacity, campers will be placed on a waitlist and will be notified if later accepted. Campers that have forms completed and have been approved will be notified of their acceptance.

What if my child has just been diagnosed, should he or she come to camp?
Yes, even if it is after the registration deadline, please contact Camp Director at 507.340.8751. We very strongly agree that kids who have just been diagnosed benefit from meeting others who are in various stages of dealing with the diagnosis.

If my child has a pump should he or she wear it to camp?
Yes, if your child has a pump we encourage them to wear it to camp. Please provide another set, so that if they need to have one placed while at camp they have a spare. All doses will be approved by camp staff before insulin is given.

Should my camper bring their own diabetes supplies to camp?
If a camper uses a pump, they need to bring their own set and pump supplies. We will have extra insulin, blood glucometers, and blood ketone monitors on hand if needed. There will be a fully equipped nurse’s station.

What if my child experiences bedwetting?
Bedwetting is a normal for many children. High blood sugars can contribute to night time bed wetting. Please complete their health history form completely. It is helpful for to inform the camp director about how you usually handle your child’s bedwetting at home.

What should my child bring to camp?
Please see the camping list (see the other webpage or link it). Remember that we encourage kids to connect with other kids and not electronic items (cell phones are not allowed).

Are there any other events?
Yes! Camp Sweet Life has continued adventures throughout the year. Please see the event page for outings. Examples of outings are the fall hayride at Jack McGowan’s farm, Wow Zone event in Mankato, Sledding at Camp Norseland, Sponsoring Team Type1 talk at Scheels in Mankato, JDRF Walk at Mall of America and ADA walk in Mankato. Events are also listed on the Camp Sweet Life facebook page.