For Parents

Day Camp or Overnight Experience?

Camp Sweet Life has developed an overnight camping experience for children with Type 1 Diabetes because of our firm belief that kids with diabetes should get to have the same fun camp experiences as kids who don’t ever have to worry about blood sugars and carb counting. Our main goal for overnight camp experiences is for kids to have FUN! Age-appropriate activities, fun snacks, camp fires (and, yes, probably staying up late) will round out a night full of fun and camaraderie. All of this will be supervised by an on-site medical professional, and all counselors either have Type 1 Diabetes themselves or have been fully trained in what it takes to monitor diabetes overnight.

Our age policy is based on the understanding that children mature and develop at different rates. Some kids are ready to be independent at the age of eight, while others may not gain that independence until several years later. We know that you, as a parent, are the best judge in deciding whether or not an overnight experience would be successful for your child; however, please remember to consider whether or not your CHILD is ready for the experience, not whether YOU are ready for them to spend the night away.: Please review the following guidelines to help you make this important choice.

Children ages 5-7 are invited to attend the day camp portion only. Young children usually do not have the stamina nor independence to successfully handle the activity level and responsibility of an overnight experience.

Children ages 8-10 are invited to attend EITHER the day camp OR the day camp PLUS the overnight experience. We feel that kids at this age vary greatly in maturity level and willingness to be away from home overnight. Please use the questions below to help you think about whether or not your child is ready for the overnight experience. Children ages 11 and up are invited to attend the day camp AND the overnight experience. Children in this age group are typically mature enough to handle the overnight activities and responsibilities of being away from home.


  • Has your child ever stayed away from home before?
  • Does your child have separation issues?
  • How much sleep does your child usually need?
  • How well does your child do with checking blood sugars and having others check his/her blood sugars?

For answers to some commonly asked questions, please view our FAQ page.